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posted on March 28th 2018 in Personal with 0 Comments

Oliver Jeffers

learning to read

We are very proud of Lautaro, who is doing so well at school and just recently started to read! I keep making videos of how sweet he is when putting letters together to make words. I love to see his proud smile and determination after every page.
We read all our stories many times now and I always struggle to find a wanted book at the library … so for a long time we are keep coming back over and over again to our beloved Julia Donaldson books. But few days ago I have discovered one very talented author – Oliver Jeffers. Such a wonderful illustrations and a heart-warming stories. Our favourite one is Lost and Found. The sentences are short and easy enough to read for Lautaro, so if you are in search for some new books for your little ones, I would highly recommend to check inspirational stories by Oliver Jeffers.

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