Wedding Photography in Berkshire

posted on March 1st 2018 in Wedding Photography with 0 Comments

Sanctum On The Green

Mr & Mrs Peycke

This beautiful wedding took place in Coocham, Berkshire county, at the hidden gem called Sanctum On The Green. Relaxed, simple yet stylish celebration.
I always like to do my homework and research about the venue and surrounding area where we can take more private photos of the Bride and Groom. But in this case, I didn’t know where we are going until the last minute … Groom’s father organised a little de-tour on a way to the venue and we stopped in his friends private cherry orchard. And boy or boy was I happily surprised! Driving through a small winding roads of Berkshire I never suspected that one of those private little paths can lead you into such beautiful english countryside with a mesmerising view! Lesson learned: too much preparation is not necessarily a good thing; improvise and trust your clients ideas.


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