125th Anniversary of the National Trust. Beautiful places to visit.

posted on January 12th 2020 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

I love the National Trust and today (12th of January) they are celebrating their 125th Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Make sure to visit their webpage and browse through some wonderful locations, near and far, to plan your family outings this year. Today I would like to share with you our family’s most favourites:

Belton House:

This grand place is just wonderful. Parkland is huge, even dears come near you to nibble on some food. It has an enormous outdoor playground for children, which is always a big plus :) There is even a little train ride you can take. A small indoor playing area for younger kids could be found in the courtyard. Coffee shop, picturesque gardens and everything else you need for a pleasant and successful family day out.

Anglesey Abbey:

We like to visit this place all year round. It is easy to move about (even with pushchair), there is a wonderful playground area for children and one impressive tree house to be found :) Gardens are lovely, parkland is neat and full of little surprises to be discovered by little explores.
This December we went to see Winter Lights here and once again – it was great! Quite relaxing, atmospheric and just magical :)

Stowe Park :

Breathtaking landscape. It is a must see place in 2020. Prepare to walk a lot as there is plenty to discover.