Candid outdoor portrait photographer, Oundle, Northamptonshire

posted on January 25th 2020 in Portrait Photography with 0 Comments

Meet Lydia Jones, the florist at www.facebook.com/buttercupsflorist/ I am very pleased with these pictures, as I took them literally in 5 minutes on the side of the road :) Lydia needed few images of herself for the article at Nene Living magazine and after photographing her in “action” preparing floral arrangements for the local wedding, we realised that we don’t have enough portraits just with Lydia, so on a way home, I saw this wonderful roadside full of wild flowers and on the other side – fields of wheat against the blue sky – just a perfect spot for a florist. Lydia is a shy girl (she says) and her naturally trying to avoid my camera lens whiles giggling … actually captured her personality very well. Before this “mini session” ever happened, I would always take my client to more inclosed places, maybe streets of the local town, maybe woodlands or beautiful gardens, but this made me discover the beauty of simplicity. Something so obvious like wheat fields, which I see every day passing from village to village (when you live in rural Midlands) makes a wonderful natural portrait photography backdrop. I am sure you will see more atmospheric portraits from me in the future, captured in the surroundings of endless fields of British countryside :)