Oundle photographer: natural child & family photography

posted on March 12th 2020 in Portrait Photography with 0 Comments

children photoshoot in sunflower field

Oh how I love love love Hitchin Lavender Farm. It is such a beautiful place to visit, to relax and get some amazing products to pamper yourself or find a nice gift for your loved one and on top of that it’s a great location for some family portraits :) 

Today I am sharing with you a photoshoot with Anna and Lilly in the sunflower field. Not only it’s photographically delicious site, but these two sisters were a true joy to work with. They reminded me why I love to photograph kids so much. I mean just look at Lilly’s face when she sees a sunflower, that expression, that admiration … it’s so sad, that we adults, forget to look at the world through the eyes of child, like we used to, with love … And look at Anna enjoying her run, so happy, so free … Thank You girls, for a great day out!