Children’s portrait photo sessions, Oundle, Northamptonshire

posted on December 8th 2021 in Portrait Photography with 0 Comments

Child photographer Oundle Stamford Oakham

Personalised photo sessions

Another year is nearly over … and photos truly are the best way to see how time is passing by us, how children grow and how much we are getting younger with every day :) This is my little monkey. It is such a joy to see him becoming this wonderful person, full of love, joy and curiosity.

These photos were taken in our sitting room and Lautaro chose his “props” on his own. P.S the scull is from Lithuania, his grandad found it in the forest; we took Lautaro for a “dinosaur dig” to the dunes and his grandpa hid the scull under the sand for Lautaro to “discover” it. Until this day he is convinced that this is a prehistoric creature and he is planning to contact National History Museum to record his find :)