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posted on April 7th 2016 in Engagement Photography with 0 Comments

Couple photoshoot in Battersea Park, London

Originally these two lovebirds are from Hong Kong but their love story began in London :)
The idea of this photo shoot is a bit sentimental … Ruby and Jasper decided to move back to their hometown and these photos are the memory of their favourite places here, in London.

What a beautiful place London is! Just a perfect location for an engagement sessions. It seems that every street, every park, every block has something unique to be captured. We took a stroll from the park to Jasper and Ruby’s place and I swear I was stopping them next to every passing corner to take a photo.

I have to admit; I am a little bit embarrassed because after so long living near London and visiting it quite frequently I have never visited Battersea Park. What a wonderful afternoon it has been! Hidden treasures of central London discovered and so many wonderful, insightful topics covered. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences and for enlightening me with beautiful traditions of the wedding industry back in Hong Kong.