Creative photographer based in Oundle, Northamptonshire

posted on May 14th 2020 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

Oundle Art Photographer

Abstract Photography. Seashells.

Hello Friends. Lockdown continues … Hope you are all heathy and safe. Diego, Lautaro and myself are good so far. Keeping busy around the house, garden and slightly getting crazy on the daily basis :)  but we are trying to keep positive, building forts to sleep in, reading books and enjoying the sunshine. 

I do miss to photograph people though … couples, weddings, families, kids, you name it. Lautaro and Diego had enough of me documenting everything they do, so I started to photograph random stuff in the house. I do like my take on seashells I did the other day :) Loving my macro lens! 

#Stay_Safe #Stay_Home #Save_Lives