Homeschooling, Day X. Oundle, Northamptonshire.

posted on January 19th 2021 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

homeschooling Oundle

Mission Impossible

Hi Friends, oh my … days just flying by. How is your homeschooling going? Weather being so gloomy lately that we have decided to stay indoors for a few days in a row and honestly, Lautaro was going crazy with all the energy overload.  Yesterday we didn’t know what to do with him, so Tom Cruse came to the rescue :) One yarn ball (or as we call it – laser beams) was stretched all over the house and my little secret agent had to go over and under as fast as he could. It was great! I was sitting comfortably with my cup of coffee and a stop watch, Alexa was playing Mission Impossible tune on the repeat mode and Lautaro was busy running around non stop with an aim to beat his own record. Highly recommended activity. Have fun! x