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Any problems we came across planning the big day?

The only problem that we had during the planning was with the bridesmaids dresses. I had three bridesmaids, but one dress was delayed arriving and one was two inches too short! The delayed dress eventually arrived two weeks before the wedding and unfortunately, the bridesmaid with the short dress had to wear flat shoes. I was very lucky that my auntie dealt with this and liaised with the dress shop. She tried to shield me with all the nightmare details to help keep me calm!

On the morning of the wedding, I felt so calm and luckily, nothing went wrong. I guess all the planning paid off! I didn’t expect to feel as calm as I did. I had started to get really nervous the week before the wedding, everything had been arranged and the reality of the marriage began to dawn on me!

Luckily, nothing went wrong on the day! It’s amazing how much time you spend worrying about things during your planning, but as the big day draws nearer, and on the actual day, they become so insignificant! You almost wonder why you were worrying about them!

My advice for any brides and grooms would be to enjoy every moment of the planning and the big day. Everyone says it, but it really does go so fast! I remember a friend saying to me how she wished she could plan her wedding again. Whilst we were planning the wedding (which at times, seemed quite stressful and overwhelming), I thought she was crazy! But looking back now, I can see what she meant and it’s important to savour every moment of planning – no matter how stressful it feels!

After the wedding, looking back on the day, it felt like it had gone so fast, I felt like couldn’t remember parts of the day or remember speaking to certain guests. I remember thinking after the church ceremony, ‘great, we have the whole day still to come!’ But before I knew it, it was the last dance and guests were leaving! As time has gone by, I feel like parts of the day that were a blur are coming back to me! The wedding photos have help capture the moments and bring back wonderful moments of the day!

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