Our Engagement Photography Session

posted on January 23rd 2013 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

A sneak peak to our Engagement Session

Diego and I was offered to have a pre-wedding session done by our friend (and our wedding photographer) Ignius Pupinis and we just couldn’t say no :) It was so much fun, excitement, a bit scary, but overall – unforgettable experience!
Now we know how our couples must be feeling when we are pointing cameras and asking them to coddled, kiss and relax … it is not that easy as it sounds :)
Our photographer was great, he probably saw that I am struggling (I was so shy!), so he took his long zoom lens and kept his distance, giving us more privacy to be silly with each other.
Ignius knew the owner of the bar in London, who allowed us to use his premisses (including the rooftop!) for our session and the whole atmosphere felt “us”. I think this is one of the most important things to remember for your engagement session – you have to feel comfortable with the location and it has to reflect your personalities or maybe even tell a story of your LOVE. Another thing – make sure you are wearing comfortable cloths and you are matching in styles. I did felt a bit conscious because of the length of my dress and I couldn’t allow myself to move freely :( Think about blending with the style/mood of the location that you have chosen. For example, a shoot in the countryside or woods would look fab with certain clothes, while a cityscape shoot or romantic session might look best with a different style of clothes.
And most importantly – remember, that having a pre-wedding photo shoot can improve your wedding pictures more than anything else you might do! Think about it, the time you spend with your photographer in front of the camera will help you become more comfortable being the subject on your Big Day.