Portrait Photographer in Northamptonshire

posted on March 7th 2017 in Portrait Photography with 0 Comments

Classic Car Enthusiast

I don’t know much about cars, but I sure think this one is just beautiful!
This photo shoot was one of our first freelance jobs and I am so very grateful to Nick for this opportunity back then. Diego and I were in our early twenties, dreaming someday to have our own business and this shoot encouraged us.
It took us a while to find the location and we were lucky enough to capture it just days before it was demolished! It was a very interesting and challenging session I might add …  We had one camera (Nikon D300), rented few lenses, a power generator, a light and a reflector. I remember watching Diego photographing Nick with such confidence whiles I was standing there completely overwhelmed. And to capture charisma itself, not just of the car but of it owner too! I think he did a pretty good job :) I am very proud of my husband and grateful for showing me the way back then and reminding me on a daily basis  that everything can be achieved if we have determination and each other.