Diego Miranda Andino

“Diego’s birthplace is Quito, the capital city of Ecuador and the majestic land of Incas empire. He is the most honest, open and friendly person I have ever met. It was love at first sight! It is amazing how much Goodness can be in one individual … His selflessness wish to help people and the ability to connect with everyone surprises me every time.

Diego found his true calling for photography early in his youth, always reading tons of books about the art of lighting and experimenting with his grandfather’s Rolleiflex.

He graduated with BA degree in photography and arts from the university of San Francisco de Quito in 2002. Since then he spend years working as a freelance photographer at the most prestigious magazines of the country. He had the chance to capture stories of most exiting people of Ecuador, who he has followed to extreme and exotic places. Diego’s photography of well-known performers, models and politicians has been published numerous times on magazine covers, newspapers and journals.

I see Diego’s photography as a timeless creations. He handles light as a true renaissance painter and he always captures the inner beauty of any subject he photographs.” – Kristina Miranda Andino

Oundle Engagement and Wedding Photographer
  • My Skills - Photography, IT, Workflow Management
  • My Equipment - Mac, Nikon, Vintage Cameras
  • My Likes - History, Countryside Drives, Cheesecake
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