Kristina Miranda Andino

“The moment I saw Kristina my heart belonged to her. She is the most charming and stubborn woman I have ever met. Kristina is from Lithuania, from the beautiful town called Nida; a place full of fairy tales and a true miracle in many ways.

Her first photographs happened as the dawn occurs in winter; with the soft incandescence of the sun bringing joy and comfort to the ones around. Her parents saw a flare of creativity and experimentation from early ages and promoted this attributes across her developing years with her father as main influence (who is an impressionist painter).

At the age of 20, while studying graphic design at Vilnius Academy of Arts (Kristina graduated with MA degree in 2004), she managed to become one of the youngest members of the Lithuanian Art Photographers Union, which led her into participating in various art projects and exhibitions. She has collected a rather impressive portfolio of shows, awards and publications across Europe.

Her work not only describes pureness and simplicity but also gives shape to the true beauty that every person or place holds within letting us find it right in front of us.” –  Diego Miranda Andino

Oundle Family and Children Photographer
  • My Skills - Photography, Design, Editing
  • My Equipment - Mac, Canon, Lomography
  • My Likes - wonders of nature, tales, coffee
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