Tips For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

posted on June 30th 2014 in Wedding Photography with 0 Comments

Advice for the future Brides

How to find a good wedding photographer

There are so many great photographers to choose from. Everyone has their own  approach not just about their shooting style, but also editing, design and presentation and with trends changing constantly it is important for you to decide what style of photography you like first and only then:

* Search and select at least 5 photographers you love and analyse their portfolio;

* Make sure you see at least 5 different weddings on their web page. Many starting  wedding photographers will take participance in various workshops and will use those images as a part of their work to attract  future Brides. Unfortunately wedding workshops (stylised photo session with models at selected location) is not the same as taking photos at the real wedding, where you have to “think on your feet” as there is no second chances.

* Ask if they could provide you with login details to see a couple full wedding galleries, this way you will see not just the “best” images selected for portfolio, but it will allow you to have a perception of how this photographer approaches every situation.

* Meet them in person first, browse through their printed work and make sure you “click”. It is important to have someone on your Special Day with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed and even though their work is beautiful, if you don’t feel good around them – don’t  take that risk.The photographer (and videographer) is the only supplier who will be with you through the whole day, chatting with your family members and friends, so be certain he/she is “loveable”.

*If you don’t have an engagement session included in your package – make sure to order one, as this is the best time to “practice” in front of the camera and get to feel comfortable around a camera.