Wedding photography in Rushall Farm, Berkshire

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Rushall Farm

When it comes to planning a wedding, it is a huge task, which can be a little overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to make the whole process a little smoother!

Here’s a few tips from our lovely Bride Jennifer:

1) Start early! As soon as you know you’re getting married and you have picked a date make sure that you book the things that are important to you – the best ones go early, and you don’t want to miss out. I knew, for example, that getting the right photographer was one of the most important things to me and so I started researching early, and booked Kristina at Imaginarium a year before the day! Who did my flowers, for example, was less important to me and so that was left until very near the end…in fact I ended up buying my flowers from Sainsbury’s the day before and we made our own bouquets and displays for the tables!

2) Read & subscribe to wedding blogs – my favourites were Rock My WeddingRock’n’Roll BrideStyle Me Pretty & Green Wedding Shoes. They are such a good source of ideas, tips and tricks!

3) Get on Pinterest – another great source for ideas, but also a way for you to create mood boards that you can share with your bridal party, groom…even with your photographer!

4) Speaking of photographers, make sure that you have examples of the sorts of shots you want to end up with – it will help make sure that you find the perfect fit, that you’re both on the same page and will allow you to brainstorm ideas and plan for the day together. I knew I wanted some shots with the quality of light that you only get as the sun goes down…and so Kristina and I made sure that we had allowed time in the schedule for that! 

5) Don’t be afraid of doing it yourself. It is a big challenge and depending on the size of your wedding, could take a lot of time…but it can be so much cheaper and is so satisfying! Be careful though, it isn’t always cheaper to do it yourself. Make sure you do some research!

6) Lastly, don’t be afraid of asking for help – try and share the load as much as possible (which is especially important if you’re having a DIY wedding as there is so much to do!). I had my mum helping with anything dress and flowers related, one of my bridesmaids was in charge of the wedding cake and dessert table, another bridesmaid was my chief DIY-er, and the Maid of Honour was overseeing all Bridal Party operations. The Groom was in charge of music/entertainment, his groomsmen and, of course, the alcohol. We even had a groomsman as chief woodworker and my dad & his wife were charged with helping co-ordinate the epic task of the food!

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Wedding photography in Berkshire at Rushall Farm