Wedding photography in Lainston House, Hampshire

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Lainston House

May your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on your wedding! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you both and a great honour to be a part of your Special Day!

Wedding photography at Lainston House

* What would be the most important elements to consider when choosing your wedding photographers?

Finding a photographer that could reflect our day was so important to us. Photographs are the memories that last beyond the day. As soon as we met Kristina and Diego and looked at some of their work we felt excited. Their ideas were fun, colourful and exciting, just what we wanted for our day and they we so friendly and genuinely interested in our story we had no difficulty in deciding! We are so pleased with all of the work they have done. They have reflected all of the elements of our day, from the big moments, to the tiny details. We will treasure their photographs way into the future and we are so grateful to Kristina in particular for capturing our day so perfectly.

* I loved the decorations and the theme you chose! Any recommendations of how to plan the whole atmosphere of the Big Day?

Karsten and I met in the spring, and we really wanted that colourful, fun and fresh spring look on our day. We just had to keep this in mind as we collected all of the decorations including the material for the bunting, the glass jars and jugs for the tables, even the floral ‘Mrs and Mrs’ letters for the mantel piece. It was tricky to stay on track as there are so many beautiful ideas out there; I would recommend keeping your final look in mind at all times!

Wedding photography at Lainston House

Wedding photography at Lainston House

* What was the most important criteria for choosing the venue and what closed the deal?

Picking the venue was easy for us, I had worked as a casual waitress at Lainston House Hotel during university and this meant I had been to hundreds of weddings at Lainston before my own! I had such a good time working there, so the place already had great memories. In addition to this Karsten is from Hannover, Germany, and we wanted his family and friends to experience a traditional English country wedding. Many of them had never visited England before and Lainston seemed like the perfect venue with a rolling lawn, ruined chapel, country house and barn…this mixed with my links with Lainston meant that no other venue was even considered!

* Are there any cool web pages or blogs you came across which you could recommend to our future Brides?

I had been pointed towards ‘100 layer cake’ as a great inspiration source, a great blog that you can browse for hours! There were some brilliant products on the Cox and Cox website and Not On The High Street in particular we loved Karsten’s map cufflinks, one showing his home town in Germany, and the other where we met in England.

Wedding photography at Lainston House

Wedding photography at Lainston House

* What is the story behind the table titles?

We left this idea quite late! Karsten and I found it difficult to decide on our table names. Having trawled the internet, my sister came up with the original idea of using words that describe things that our guests may not know about us. This word was displayed on the table plan and our guests had to visit their table to find a dictionary style definition of the word relating to Karsten and I. For example ‘Radio’ described an incident where both Karsten and I had forgotten Valentine’s day and I got a shout out on the radio during his journey to work! The table ‘Tattoo’ described Karsten’s two tattoos and the room we shared above a tattoo parlour when we first met, and the table ‘Zoo’ detailed the location that we got engaged!?Our guests loved it and it provided a great conversation starter between our English and German guests.

Wedding photography at Lainston House

* I really enjoyed photographing and watching your first dance; I love when couples go for something more different, personal and fun on a dance floor; tell us the story behind it.

Karsten and I wanted to avoid shuffling around awkwardly and it seemed the only way was to make up a routine! My Mum and I choreographed the dance to Cliff Richard, Congratulations. We thought that this would appeal to different generations of both our German and English guests and it also had surprisingly meaningful words! We loved practising it. It was a secret that was only kept between my Mum, Karsten and myself so the most difficult part was hiding it before the final performance!

Wedding photography in Hampshire at Lainston House