Wedding photography in Mill Hall, Berkshire

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Mill Hall

Advice to other brides planning their wedding:

Try not to buy your wedding dress too early; you may love it when you try it on but a year down the line your tastes may have changed considerably and you may regret your choice.

Also, to try not to leave all the small tasks to the end; they may seem small and you may think they won’t take very long to do, but trust me, they add up!

Also, if you can take a couple of days off work (at least) before the wedding to get all the last minute things sorted whilst also having time for yourself to relax, things will go much smoother and you’ll be able to enjoy the day more. Sadly, I only took one day off before my wedding and it was a mad rush! There was no time for me to relax and take things in at all!

And the last bit of advice would be to really take time to stand back on your wedding day itself and absorb everything that’s going on because the day goes so fast and suddenly the day you’ve been planning for possibly a year or more, is suddenly over!

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