Homeschooling, Day 2. Oundle, Northamptonshire.

posted on January 7th 2021 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

homeschooling day 2

Domino Chain challenge

Hello to All! What a day … lots of learning :) We finished everything what was needed and even managed to do few additional things on top of that. It is nice to see Lautaro being so enthusiastic and eager. I feel this time around, homeschooling is much easier and calmer. I did some changes before we started, the main one being – I let Lautaro to be in charge. He set his “classroom” all by himself, combining his chairs as a table and a seating area (looks more like a bunker if you ask me). He brought my easel from the garage, his old blackboard and chalk. I am responsible for things we must learn during the day and he thinks of extracurricular. Apparently I need to prepare a lecture on photography and architecture next week. He writes me little notes of how he wants me to start the lesson and what to say and I find it really funny, relaxing and bonding experience. 

So after one productive day, we will be doing our giant domino challenge this evening :) We tried this during Christmas holiday and it was a huge success! So much laughter, concentration, a bit of frustration at times, but in the end a weird feeling of satisfaction seeing all this chain around the house falling down … and the best part – it kept him busy for ages :) To make it even more entertaining, you could always mix it up a bit and add some other items or change levels (from sofa down to the foot stool, down to the floor or maybe down the staircase … )  Have Fun! x