Homeschooling, Day 3. Oundle, Northamptonshire.

posted on January 8th 2021 in Kristina + Diego = Lautaro with 0 Comments

homeschooling day 3, Oundle

PVA glue

Hello to All! Congratulations, you have survived few busy, messy and confusing homeschooling days. Now open a bottle of red, relax for a minute … and then have a busy, messy and tiering weekend so you could start this marathon back on Monday all tired and exhausted :)

To keep your little explores busy, I would recommend a cheap and effective method of PVA glue. Instructions: clean hands to begin with, then take a paint brush and cover their hands with PVA glue, let it dry and let them get busy peeling it off. Lautaro was fascinated with this 80’s style entertainment from my childhood. It took him forever to take it off and then he asked to repeat it. Have a fun weekend! x