Outdoor Portrait Photography, Northamptonshire

posted on February 8th 2017 in Portrait Photography with 0 Comments

Urban Portraits

We used to live in Windsor (and few other villages around) for many years. This beautiful town will always have a special place in my heart.

The other day I was browsing through my archives and stumbled upon these pictures … This is my friend Ignius Pupinis. He asked us to take few portraits of him and because I was heavily pregnant at the time, he came to visit us in Windsor and we took him for a little tour …

When it comes to shooting portraits in Windsor it may get a little bit tricky, as it is highly touristic place and people are buzzing everywhere. So if your session didn’t start at 6am in the morning, then you better look for a hidden alleys.  I find Windsor a very versatile place, very “photogenic”.  You can find there pretty much everything. Starting with the Queens residence, Windsor Castle, many beautiful historic streets and houses, shabby looking buildings, the riverside, the park and many more. And, of corse, Eton is just across the bridge!