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posted on February 1st 2017 in Wedding Photography with 0 Comments

Packaging the Wedding Album

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This morning I found myself busy wrapping and packing latest Wedding Albums for my clients. This is one of my favourite tasks. It does feel a bit like Christmas Season is still continues …

I love to open freshly printed book, to inspect carefully every page, every tone, every composition of the layouts I have used in the design process.

For a very long time I was sending my albums the same way I have received them from the LAB. With a safety pads on the corners and in the not very attractive looking cardboard envelopes. I thought “safety” was the most important element. I was simply scared for the Albums to be damaged in the post and was scared of the re-printing fees.

But with time, I got to understand, that “safety” can be achieved not just in a very straightforward approach and with a little creativity the whole presentation can be pleasantly improved.

I know that many wedding photographers out there is working hard on their visual branding. Starting from the business cards and finishing with a very last detail of the packaging. Don’t get me wrong, I do it too. But minimal. And with regards packaging, my investment was always limited. I have decided to choose few elements to make my packaging more “cosy”: ribbons, shredded red paper and natural craft gift boxes. All these elements do compliment my style and colour palate seen in the web page or printed stationary.

And the feedback I got from my clients – is priceless! So if you are just starting your business as a wedding photographer – don’t go spending all your money on the overpriced custom printed boxes, stickers, USB’s and so on … just be a little bit more creative and take a personal approach. Having your logo printed everywhere won’t make your clients to appreciate you more, but presenting their chosen products in a warm and personal way – will definitely make them to remember you.